For the creation of our products we use recycled wood, driftwood and waste materials.
Branches consumed by weather, abandoned pallets, waste wood from carpentry: everything can be recycled.
We use the driftwood because it's unique and brings with it a story, has something to tell, takes shape from the sea, the form that suggests to us the kind of object that will become.

We give a "second life" to the wood that after a brief use for a packaging or a freighter, ends up in the sea or as a scrap of carpentry.

We try to recycle everything from the fabrics of old linen shirts or cotton sheets, nails, bolts or rusty pieces of iron and cork stoppers.
We like to call us "green" because, in the realization of our products, we use water colors and not diluent paint, chemical or plastic solvents.

We think that respect for our planet is a duty and keep it clean is not a utopia.