Welcome to the "Jardín del Mar" official website.

The desire for change and to start a new life, pushed us to leave our country, Italy and brought us to Lanzarote, the wonderful island of the Canary Islands that, with the energy of the volcanoes, the power of the ocean waves the force of the wind and the warm climate all year round, has kidnapped our hearts by giving a stimulus to our creativity and passion: the sea, nature and art.
Here we were able to express ourselves by changing our work experience and our creative abilities in the "Jardín del Mar" project-dream.

With waste materials, recycled wood and driftwood, we create handmade "home decor" objects inspired by the marine, nautical, naturalistic world, with shabby chic style of romantic houses and cottages on the sea, the "aged" look and Vintage / retro taste.

We like the idea of ​​giving a "second life" to the much wood, which, after a brief use for a pack or freight carriage, ends up in the sea or as a scrap of carpentry. Of the broken branch of a tree or the axis of a pallet, we make a decorative object that has a character, shape, utility or becomes a simple decoration.

We got the "Carnet de Artesanía" from the Lanzarote Government as contemporary artisans, which allows us to be present in the artisan markets of Haría and Teguise, rich in Lanzarote's culture, creativity and art.

In the quiet Las Breñas, south of the island, with the background of the sea and the Timanfaya National Park, we invite you to our Atelier where you can touch and appreciate our items. And, maybe, bring home some of our Lanzarote.

Barbara e Maurizio